Video Filming & Marketing – Free Advisory Services.

Video Filming & Marketing 

Our website offers a free service but if you cannot find the time to use it, then we can help you as follows

For £50 we can come and photograph and document your property and then market it on our website for you.

For £80 a we offer a video filming service to market your property on our website & our YouTube channel.

This video  is then embedded into your properties web page, so students can view a walk through video of the whole of your property. This is especially useful for attracting  higher paying overseas students coming to Swansea to study. We also optimize the video so it gets maximum marketing exposure on Google & YouTube.

We can also put your video on the  Swansea University Freshers Facebook page, to help target individual students who are forming groups or 3 or more to look  for accommodation in Swansea for the first time. This should help you fill your house more quickly with a group of students, rather than with individuals.

Student Housing Swansea Brynmill

Three Storey Student Housing, Brynmill, Swansea

Free Advisory Services

We can advise you on how to best go about letting your property from advertising it, carrying out viewings, tenant referencing, signing contracts, completing guarantor forms &  maintenance & management tasks.

We can advise you on annual HMO compliance services, such as gas boiler & fire safety equipment certification. We can assist you with finding competitive prices for electrical, EPC & deposit protection scheme certification. We can help guide you with the production of your house management log book.

We can recommend local property sourcing, refurbishment & management services for both potential landlords and existing landlords.

We can help you with complying with  local & national property legislation & in finding competitive finance, insurance & local accountancy & taxation services.

We are located in Swansea & we can help you find accredited managing agents for absent landlords, located more than 70 miles outside of Swansea.

We are  members of

  • National Landlords Association (NLA).
  • Swansea & Neath Port Talbot, Landlord Forums.
  • Accredited Landlord Wales Scheme.
  • Rent Smart Wales Scheme.

Typical Student Housing Brynmill Swansea

Two Storey Student Housing, Brynmill, Swansea.

Recommended Maintenance Services - Gas Certificates, Fire Alarm Certificates, Fire Extinguisher Certificates, Periodic Electrical Test Certificates & PAT Testing .

  • Electrician General – John Bryan -
  • Electrician Fire Alarm – Gunter –
  • Fire Alarm Service  - Chris  James –
  • Gas Safe Plumber – Geoff Flynn –
  • Fire Extinguisher Certificate – Simon Jones –
  • Home Cleaners  - Jane  Kent –

HMO Annual Safety Certification: Gas, Electric & Fire Equipment Servicing .

HMO Log Book Administration: Inventories & Deposit Protection Scheme.

EPC Administration: Energy Performance Certificates.

Landlord & Buildings Insurance Advice: Rent Guard Insurance.

Tenancy & Guarantor Contracts : Conveyancing With Local Competitive Solicitor.

BTL Mortgage Finance Advice: Competitive Local Mortgage Broker.

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