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At ‘Student Houses Swansea’ we offer a free ads service for landlords in Swansea. By allowing students & landlords to connect directly both parties can avoid expensive estate agency letting fees.

We believe our student housing service offers great value to both students & landlords, looking for & renting out accommodation in the Brynmill, Uplands & Mount Pleasant areas. These three areas form the main student suburbs of Swansea. 

However newer student suburbs are likely to develop in St Thomas & Port Tennant areas of Swansea from 2015 as the universities relocate to the SA1 development area. 

We help students in the UK & worldwide find affordable student accommodation in Swansea, by allowing them to have direct contact with landlords.

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student accommodation swansea brynmill crescent

Typical Student Accommodation, Brynmill Crescent, Swansea.

We can help to you fill your property more quickly by undertaking a video filming & marketing service to showcase  your house on this website & our you tube channel. Video is especially effective attracting new students coming to Swansea for the first time who live outside of Wales, or live overseas and cannot visit Swansea to secure accommodation before the outset of term.

Below is a brief introduction to Swansea for both national and international students. The city is known for its vibrancy and generosity to students. Young people from all over the world are enjoying the lifestyle that comes with living as a student in accommodation in Swansea.

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Swansea for Students

Living in a student house in Swansea means fun, excitement and adventure! A vibrant city that blends culture with a cosmopolitan twist, living in student accommodation in Brynmill or the Uplands makes the area feel like it was made for students.

The home of Premier League football club Swansea City, and host to many international gigs and concerts, students with accommodation in the Brynmill or Uplands area have easy access to some great local & national events.

Nightlife doesn’t get much better than it is in Swansea. Most nights crowds of revelers descend the famous Wind Street (appropriately known as ‘Wine Street’), where party goers have a choice of a long double-strip of lively bars, restaurants and clubs.

On Wednesday nights students in Swansea frequently enjoy the antics of Wind Street’s ‘Student Night’ where students get the run of the location. Famous chains such as Walkabout, Oceana and Yates are a firm favourite amongst the city’s care free youngsters.

Living in a typical student house in Swansea West shows the city’s more peaceful side too. Home to the famous Gower Peninsula, students living in the Brynmill and Uplands areas are in close reach of breath taking places of outstanding natural beauty along the Gower coastline.

For those students with a zest for adventure, Swansea is the perfect place for water sports especially surfing and sailing. The scenery for trekking outdoors over mountains, moors & meadows in South Wales is fantastic. The mountain biking trails in the nearby Afan forest have the longest purpose built downhill mountain bike track in the whole of Europe.

In the Uplands shopping precinct the independent pubs like the hip ‘Noah’s Yard’ & the Uplands Tavern (a regular live music venue for local bands) combine the tranquility of the seaside suburb with a vivacious social atmosphere and are consistently popular amongst students living in Brynmill and the Uplands.

Add to all of this a fantastic city centre indoor shopping centre, two museums, a castle, and a marina in Swansea, and you really do have one of the best student locations in Britain.

Student Housing Swansea, Alexander Terrace, Brynmill.

Student Housing, Alexander Terrace, Brynmill, Swansea.

Swansea for Landlords

The intention of this short article is to try and give some useful advice to landlords thinking of renting out student housing in Swansea & hopefully save them time & money.

Being a prospective landlord offering student accommodation in Swansea it is wise to be aware of the licensing regulations that come along with renting out a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) .

One of the definitions of the Housing Act 2004 defines a HMO as a property that is occupied by 3 or more people, forming 2 or more households, sharing amenities. A household may be a single person or members of the same family (including those in heterosexual and homosexual relationships) residing in the house . Tenants in a HMO would typically share a kitchen, living room, bathroom and toilet.

There are two types of HMO licence that apply in regard of Swansea. The Mandatory Licence and the Additional Licence.

In the Uplands & Castle wards (Brynmill, Sandfields, City Centre, Maritime Quarter & Mount Pleasant) an additional licence is required by the council and it applies to any HMO property regardless of its size in these areas.

A mandatory licence is required on a HMO that has 3 or more storeys and is occupied by 5 or more persons forming two or more households sharing amenities.

When complying with licensing requirements, there is usually more work required as the number of occupants in a house rise. It may be wise to choose a house to rent out with up to only 2 storeys, that can accommodate up to 4 students and hence will only require additional licence in the Castle & Uplands wards.

Moreover students tend to prefer to live in groups of 3 or 4, especially in their second & third years of study. It sometimes pays not to put 5 or more students in a house, in an increasingly competitive market you may find your self unable to fill a house with 5 or more individuals. 

Student Accommodation Swansea Bay

Student Accommodation Overlooking Swansea Bay.

Swansea University’s letting agency (SAS)  recorded housing occupancy rate of just 75% of their houses for rent after the start of the first term in October 2013. This was partly due to a static student numbers and an increased supply of student houses. That’s over 150 empty houses out of around 600 properties on their books & many of these were 5 bed plus houses that were left empty. 

The bad news is that many UK students now have to take higher loans to pay for their increased tuition fees and this has led to a slow down in growth of student numbers coming to Swansea. The largest student letting agency in Swansea reported a 10% fall in student numbers in 2013. 

This fall has been mostly in UK students but in contrast there has been an increase is overseas students coming from Asia to Swansea. This is in part due to the now global profile of Swansea due to its premiership football team. 

Many of these overseas students can afford & prefer higher specification purpose built student apartments and one bed flats. They do not want traditional student accommodation in a shared HMO and as a result it is the newer apartment builds in the maritime quarter & the city centre, that have been filling up more quickly.

However the good news is that if your house is a HMO within 10 minutes’ walk of the Singleton Park campus, they will  let more quickly & easily & for a higher rent, than properties further away from the campus. So its pays to choose the location of your student house wisely.

Brynmill Laundrette Student Housing Swansea

 Student Launderette, Brynmill, Swansea.

For landlords thinking about renting houses to students in Swansea, care should be taken to become familiar with the councils’ specific licensing regulations.

Since 2004 Housing Act came into force in 2006, it has required that high-risk HMOs (those comprising of at least three stories and with at least five residents of more than one household) must obtain a licence regardless of location in Swansea.

Swansea Council has extended the requirements of this legislation as mentioned, in the Castle & Uplands wards to include additional, as well as mandatory licences for HMOs.

If you are required to obtain a licence and you fail to do so, the penalties can be excessive. Fines can be up to £20,000 and landlords can be ordered to repay their tenants up to 12 months of received rent.

We advise all prospective landlords thinking of offering student accommodation in Swansea to contact the local council Environmental Health Department for further advice. Their advisory service offers free guideline literature & a HMO compliance survey service for a set fee.

It is best to understand what is required from the council before you purchase or let a house by requesting a HMO compliance survey from council’s advisory service. This will help you accurately assess the cost required for converting the house in question into an HMO for letting purposes.

As a landlord, you really do not want an Environmental Health Officer (EHO) in your house if you can help it, especially in a retrospective capacity. In part an EHO will assess each property individually on the basis of the fire risk it poses.It can be very costly & inconvenient for landlords trying to comply retrospectively with housing legislation in regard of fire risk.

Student Houses Swansea, Bryn Terrace, Brynmill.

Student Houses On The Seafront, Bryn Terrace, Brymill, Swansea.

As well as fire regulations you also need to be aware of  the HMO management regulations for shared houses, bedsits & certain self contained flats. Even if you do not require a licence on your HMO, you are still under a legal responsibility to observe HMO management regulations & look after your tenants. HMO management regulations have the following requirements:

  • Giving & displaying information to your occupiers e.g. landlord’s name & address & contact details.
  • Keeping the accommodation safe e.g. keeping fire escape routes free from obstruction.
  • Keeping the accommodation clean and in good repair
  • Making sure that fire safety measures and precautions are maintained
  • Maintaining safe water, drainage, gas and electricity supplies
  • Taking care of common parts, fixtures, fittings and appliances
  • Providing facilities for waste disposal

If you are an owner occupier you can let rooms to 2 people in your house without it being an HMO.

If you let to any more people the house will be an HMO and it will be subject to a licence scheme if you are in Uplands or Castle Wards.

If the house has 3 or more stories, you own it and live in it and let rooms to more than 2 people and there are 5 or more people in total living there (including you and your family), then the house will be an HMO that needs licensing no matter where it is.

Student Houses Swansea Near Singleton Park

Student Housing Next To Singleton Park Campus, Swansea.

Finally if you are a live in landlord, sharing communal facilities you are entitled to issue your lodger with a ‘licence’, as opposed to ‘assured short hold tenancy’. A licence gives you much more flexibility to end a tenancy at short notice, as it makes your lodger a licensee and not a tenant.

A licence or ‘excluded tenancy’ is distinct from an ‘assured short hold tenancy’ (AST). It should not have any features or provisions that are typical of a AST, such as a minimum period of tenure of 6 months or a mandatory notice period of 1 month.

Typically a the conditions of a licence will reflect the period of  licensee’s rent payments. Hence if rent payments are made weekly, then only one weeks notice is required to evict a licensee. Moreover you are under no requirement to make any application to a court, when you evict a licensee, you just have to serve them notice yourself.


Swansea Metropolitan University is to move both its campuses to the SA1 area of Swansea.

So its goodbye to Mount Pleasant & Cockett campuses.

Apparently they are in the process of purchasing land near to the Prince of Wales dock, in SA1for the new campuses with WAG assistance.

So that’s both Universities in Swansea located in & next to the SA1 development.

Hence St Thomas & Port Tennant are probably set to become mainstream student letting areas alike Brynmill & Uplands in Swansea in the near future.

Its a game changer for student landlords in Swansea, especially those in Mount Pleasant.


Why you shouldn’t really listen to Swansea & Port Talbot estate agents

These statistics are from Zoopla for past 12 months, as at 2/3/14

Its something you won’t be reading in the Swansea Property Post that is funded by estate agents

% of average actual recorded sale price to asking price

SA3 – 70%,
SA2 – 68%,
SA1 – 66%
SA13 – 65%

So don’t any pay more than you need to if your buying a house in the  Swansea bay area.

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